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If you want to really understand something, teach it!

Or, what do I get out of this? Some of us were born with a teacher inside. I don't consider myself a good teacher, but I enjoy taking complicated ideas and explaining them so others can understand. I love seeing the light of understanding come on. In the process, I also find that what I thought I understood, I actually did not. This website serves the dual purpose of helping non-data scientists understand this complex topic that will change our world dramatically over the coming decades and reinforces my own understanding. I hope it inspires both of us to learn more and expand our horizons!

Joe Dion started his career as a CPA, using data and information to understand business. An International MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management led to more non-traditional types of analysis, Competitive Intelligence and Country and Political Risk Analysis. A lucky turn into consulting led to SQL, Business Intelligence and ultimately to Northwestern's Masters in Predictive Analytics program. Data and information in all their forms are interesting, but we are on the cusp of the next stage in the information revolution. Like early 2000 when Google displaced the Internet Bible and Amazon was just starting to sell books, we are at the beginning of an era where data science will deliver equally dramatic changes to our lives.     ​

This site is a learning tool to help regular people understand data science. As such, it may include simplifications to aid in understanding. It's not meant to provide professional advice and the application of data science to important decisions should happen with the aid of a qualified data scientist.  

Data Science...Plain English

About Me

Complicated topics demystified

One ​of the greatest assignments I completed during my Masters in Predictive Analytics program was an Excel file to demonstrate how an algorithm worked, without complex statistical formulas, just good old addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This site is an exploration of that approach. It launched with a small number of models but it will grow as I determine how to apply the same approach to other data science concepts. 

​Excel File

The math behind the a file.

When possible, you will find a file download link in each model which provides an Excel file that shows the application of the model to a simple data set. Where possible the same data set will be used for all models and you can download the file to break apart and understand for yourself. Look for a link like this:

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